Loving Parents Cry for Their Children When…

How many times have we cried for our children when we were disappointed with their behavior, their lifestyles, their public conduct, their choices?

If we cry about the things that our children do that disappoint us, is God crying when we disappoint Him?

I posted something earlier today about, I made God cry, and I was going to end it there, but the Holy Spirit would not let me rest. A few days ago, while teaching a class, I had an opportunity to witness to a young lady who is struggling with sexual sin. After the class was dismissed, she told me that something I had said during the class had ignited something within her, but she didn’t know how to change her desires–which apparently overruled her sense of righteousness. I listened and tried to explain how I had overcome by finding something else–something constructive to do when those urges plagued me. That wasn’t enough. Finally, I had to share something with her that I had not shared with anyone before. I had reached a place in my walk of faith and in my relationship with God (my Daddy) where I realized I did not want to see Him crying over me. I explained to her that I had actually visualized my Daddy, sitting on His throne, shaking His head sadly and I watched the tears fall. He was commiserating over my behavior. While I watched Him cry, I understood the tears were because He loved and only wanted the very best for me. Since then, I have not wanted my Daddy to cry over the things I do. I want Him to rejoice over the things I do and for that reason–I try with everything in me-to be obedient–whether it makes my flesh feel good or not. I have learned that obedience is better than sacrifice. Before we left the classroom–her face was bathed in tears–but she said she had never felt happier or lighter (burdens lifted).

I will not sacrifice my relationship with my loving Father in order to pacify flesh or fleshly desires. We are all coming to a place where on That Day…we will stand before Him and receive the pronouncement that indicates the type of ambassador we truly were. I don’t know about you, but all I want to hear is “well done, my beloved child.”

When we love our children, we cry over their mistakes made in life, their choices, and pray that they will come to a place in their lives where they realize–they must make better choices–and they can only do that if they have a right relationship with God. I’m not talking about just going to church or being in a certain ministry. I’m talking about having a loving relationship with God that requires us to acknowledge when we screwed things up and to receive correction. When we acknowledge where we are–God can and will guide us lovingly–to the path of correction and blessings He has for us.

I don’t know about you, but I love my children and I have cried myself to sleep many nights–concerned and disappointed by the choices they made–and I have not stopped crying or praying, yet. They know I love them, I just hope I live long enough to see them love me that much in return. It is really, all about love. When we truly love–we do not wish to hurt or cause pain to the one who loves us.

How much do you love God today? Enough to cease making Him cry? I hope so. Because He loved us enough to die for us, we should love Him enough to live (righteously) for Him!


If Parents Cared Enough…: Johnny and Juaneshia Could Read by Mary M. Hall-Rayford

If Parents Cared Enough…: Johnny and Juaneshia Could Read by Mary M. Hall-Rayford.

If Parents Cared Enough…: Johnny and Juaneshia Could Read by Mary M. Hall-Rayford

If Parents Cared Enough…: Johnny and Juaneshia Could Read by Mary M. Hall-Rayford.

Plight of Teachers

In one school district in Michigan, teachers are being shoved about Imageand moved around like pawns on a chessboard and there is no outcry from outraged parents; especially since the children are the victims of the incompetency prevailing through what is normally called, “human resources”.  This department needs to change its name to “inhumane resources”.  That would be a more apt description for what they provide.  This is “almost” the end of the first semester and teachers are moved from classrooms where they have “almost” developed a relationship with students and the students have “almost” connected with their teachers.  Now that connection has been broken and knowing the students the way I do, the next teacher they have is really going to catch it.

Parents, where is the outrage?  Why don’t you care enough about your children to file a class-action lawsuit against Detroit Public Schools for disrupting your child’s education, perpetuating a constant state of failure, and total disregard for the process of educating inner city students?

Students in Detroit–if your teacher has recently been transferred–revolt and demand the district to consider your needs, first and foremost.

DPS–Dumbfounded, Perplexed and Stultified–refusing to “see” themselves as the culprits for failing schools and always laying the blame squarely on the shoulders of the teachers who do not make foolish decisions and do not have any control over the ineptness constantly displayed by those who are at the helm.

It’s time to wake up folks if success is ever going to be possible for this district and its students!

I Made God Cry!

“I made God cry–I saw His tears, and felt His heart breaking–when I chose not to obey His Word.” When I didn’t know any better, and was living life any way I wanted to, I didn’t realize that God loved me so much…that when I committed a sinful act (my, my, my), that it would actually cause Him to pain. Now that I know better, I don’t want to cause Him pain because I love Him; I don’t want to see Him cry over the things I do; and when I see Him on That Day, all I want to hear is…”well done, my beloved child”. Are you making God cry? It’s never too late to turn things around, to know He is smiling upon us, just because He loves us and wants only the very best for us. No more tears–not on my behalf! Hallelujah!