Speak Life

“Life and death, success and failure are all in the power of the tongue.” Speak life, speak success–ignore the liars, doubters, scorners, and naysayers. They do not have the last word over your life–The Great I Am–has the first and last Word over your life. He is Alpha and Omega–He planned your life from the beginning to the end. His plans are designed to prosper you and not to harm you. Set aside the doubts about your plans and run with His plans, crossing the finish line victoriously and receive your crown! Hallelujah for Our Risen King! He and He alone is worthy of all our praises!


Why I write

Who we are matters, in spite of all the negative things that some may say about us.  We are fearfully and wonderfully made by a Creator who is so awesome–He saw us far into the future, knew our potential, and poured into us all we would ever need to succeed.  What an awesome God!  This is why I write!  I write to encourage others and to remind myself that I am chosen and loved by One who could do nothing but love, since He is love!  Enjoy the flow of the Spirit through the works of my hand!.misc and trapped 010iphone 048pics of books 001

Soaring Like Eagles

In order to soar like an eagle and rise above the “fray”, we must begin to have an attitude like David. In our dry places–we must rejoice and praise Him. In our low places–we must rejoice and praise Him. When we are full and satisfied–we must rejoice and praise Him. No matter what our circumstances are, we must rejoice and praise Him for being an awesome God, knowing that He will raise us to heights we never imagined and keep us soaring above all the enemy would attempt to use against us–for His glory! Hallelujah for our awesome God!

Taryn–Trapped Character

God is truly awesome when He’s pouring insight into us.  While writing Trapped, it was the leading of the Lord who helped me to develop the story for the character, Taryn.  I’m doing some additional research into gender assignment and today, Katie Couric’s show dealt with the issue.  Amazing!  At any rate, I’d love to have some input from those who feel strongly about the issue–one way or another.  I’m writing a sequel to Trapped divulging specific details about the lives of the women involved, individually.  I’d like to know if people would like to see Taryn change her mind about the surgery or pursue it.  Comments are welcome as long as they are respectful of the process and to the person making the comments.  I have not decided how Taryn’s story will resolve itself and will consider the input provided, prayerfully.   If I use any part of your input, I’ll make sure you’re acknowledged in Taryn’s story. Thanks!

Wearing the Whole Armor

When we put on the whole armor—the belt of truth (covering our private parts-lives), the breastplate of righteousness (covering our ability to breathe and love freely),  having our feet covered with the preparation of the gospel of peace (ready to witness in any kind of weather), the shield of faith (thwarting the enemy’s attack by blocking his little air pellets, the helmet of salvation (protecting our minds and thought life), and the sword of the spirit (The Word of God)—we can “move forward” with all confidence in our protective gear. Now, notice—there is nothing covering our behinds because—God has our backs (pasts) covered and there is absolutely nothing hindering our forward move with the weapons we use!  Hallelujah!   Here comes that praise dance!  Watch me now!

Faith to Receive

“Ask in faith, doubting nothing!” Jesus said, when we pray, we must believe that we have already received as soon as we ask for something. At that point, our prayer is not a petition of requests, but a prayer of thanksgiving. In the spirit realm, it is already done–in the natural, we will receive everything we have asked of God, if our faith is greater than the doubt the enemy would attempt to use to get in our way. Develop great faith and receive all that you have need or desire from the One who holds everything we could possibly want in His hands! Keep thanking Him and rejoicing in Him until your request is seen. For once we see our prayers manifested, there is no longer any need to hope for it. Hallelujah for an awesome God!

Learning From Mistakes

We must learn from everything we do–especially from mistakes so we won’t repeat them. God does not have a problem with the mistakes we make; He has a problem when we keep making the same mistake over, and over, and over, and over, and over..Stop and think! What should you not do again? Stop and reflect! What lesson did you learn? Stop and ponder! How can you make a failing attempt a success? The power lies within every one of us to be who God wants us to be and because He loves us; He will give us our hearts’ desires when we learn how to please Him! Let’s get moving!

Prevailing Victory

Take heart all who are not where you want to be, yet! The time is coming when all of the naysayers and scorners will see you rise in victory over everything the enemy has attempted to put in your way to hinder your success! The time is near–wait and see how The Lord prevails on your behalf! Hallelujah for victory through Christ Jesus!


While laying in bed, waiting to “decide” to get out of it, a thought came to mind.  It is not just women who get Trapped by their circumstances, but men and children often feel trapped–by life choices and those they did not choose.  What can we do as a society to alleviate those feelings so that all will come to know of their true worth, without insecurities ruling them?

We create traps for people when we mistreat them and look down on them because they are not us.  When we hate and denigrate, we set a trap.  When we take on superior attitudes over others, we set a trap.  When we are incapable of doing what is right for others, we set a trap–the trap influenced by the enemy who hates mankind.

We can–accept people for who they are–without bias or judgment.  We can love them–simply because we are all in this race together–the human race.  We can stop polluting our atmosphere with hatred and denigration.  We can look to the only Wise God in heaven to give us direction in all things and obey His Word!

We can change the environment in which we live and create one in which all know they are loved and appreciated for who they are, not for who we want them to be.

In all things, let us glorify God and do only those things that will please Him!

Being Thankful

Good morning, Lord! Thank You for choosing us as the generation of people who will abide by all of the laws of the land and who will cause the ignorant to be silent when they see our good works. Thank You for bringing us out of the darkness into Your marvelous light. You have created us to be a “royal priesthood”, destined to do great things for Your glory and that others will be brought to a place to praise You for all Your mighty acts, on our behalf! Hallelujah! Glory to God in the Highest for loving us and using us for His glory!