Deceptive Storms (excerpt from chapter one)

Cal locked the door for the last time and squared his shoulders as he walked back down the steps, smiling as he watched his wife, impatiently waiting by their Trailblazer.  He admired her sense of adventure and willingness to drive for the next eight hours.  He understood.  They had much to discuss and could do so as they traveled, making plans, starting the next leg of their journey.

D’Cerner stood by the door, gazing into the future, not knowing what would happen, but ready for anything.  Cal was caught up in the moment for a second, watching her. She certainly didn’t look her age, but about fifteen years younger, then with his arm around her waist, turned her towards the door and opened it.

“I’m ready for something new and can’t wait for us start our new life in London.  I hope we haven’t forgotten anything.”

“I’m sure we haven’t, and if we did, the realtor will call the kids and make sure they get it.  You checked the house three times before we told the movers to get going,” Cal smiled at her as he sat behind the wheel and started the SUV.

“I know, but I can’t help feeling that we’re leaving something important behind,” she pouted.

“We are leaving something or rather some ones very important, our children.  They will be fine.  We’ve discussed this a number of times and they all agreed to live in your house. When

the time comes and they want to move, they’ll work it out.”

“I know.  Can you believe it? After everything that’s happened, it has all worked out for the best.”

Cal nodded his head.  “I know.  It wasn’t that long ago when I wouldn’t have dreamed of this day, but it’s here and I’m going to enjoy the ride.”

As he pulled out into the street, he began to think about the past seven months.  After the hearing, he and D’Cerner were offered the church in London to pastor and were given time to go visit before making a final decision.  They had already determined that they would take the church before the hearing began, but agreed to the visit as a formality.  Looking back on the hearing, Cal grunted causing D’Cerner to look at him quizzically.  He didn’t notice.

She started to ask what he was thinking about, but then realized he too was remembering their fateful hearing.


This is an excerpt from the second part of a triology–My Father’s Gift–available on


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