It’s Time!

There comes a time in everyone’s life when we must face the realities of living. If we are blessed long enough to see and understand each milestone of life, we certainly can appreciate God’s love and humor.

The milestones:

1st birthday

5th birthday

10th birthday

13th birthday

16th birthday

18th birthday

21st birthday

30th birthday

40th birthday

50th birthday

60th birthday

70th birthday

80th birthday (promised life)

90th birthday (long life)

100th birthday (special long life)

We come into the world dependent upon others and if we live long enough, we are often dependent upon others at the ends of our lives. Isn’t it about time we show our appreciation for everyone in our life that makes our lives special and worth living? We never know when the end will be, but we can make the most of every moment in time we have–right now! It’s Time to care about how we live and what we do at each milestone in our lives!