Republicans vs Democrats in Michigan

Reviewing the Michigan Votes Updates, I discovered a significant pattern in the content of bills being introduced. The bills themselves can be viewed through the legislative website at But this is what I’ve noticed:

Bills introduced by Republicans are aimed at “controlling others” and keeping themselves in a superior position. For instance, they want to reduce high school graduation requirements, give teachers guns to take into the classroom, and don’t want the poor to receive any realistic assistance (financial or otherwise) in order for the poor to live a life with dignity.

Bills introduced by Democrats aim to alleviate struggles and strains felt by the disenfranchised masses and help elevate them in life. They want justices for everyone, everyone covered by medical insurance, and teachers and other public servants treated with dignity and professionalism they deserve.

Thank you–all the Democrat legislators–for looking out for everyone and putting your egos on a shelf. We, the people, appreciate it!




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