Why I write

Who we are matters, in spite of all the negative things that some may say about us.  We are fearfully and wonderfully made by a Creator who is so awesome–He saw us far into the future, knew our potential, and poured into us all we would ever need to succeed.  What an awesome God!  This is why I write!  I write to encourage others and to remind myself that I am chosen and loved by One who could do nothing but love, since He is love!  Enjoy the flow of the Spirit through the works of my hand!.misc and trapped 010iphone 048pics of books 001


Soaring Like Eagles

In order to soar like an eagle and rise above the “fray”, we must begin to have an attitude like David. In our dry places–we must rejoice and praise Him. In our low places–we must rejoice and praise Him. When we are full and satisfied–we must rejoice and praise Him. No matter what our circumstances are, we must rejoice and praise Him for being an awesome God, knowing that He will raise us to heights we never imagined and keep us soaring above all the enemy would attempt to use against us–for His glory! Hallelujah for our awesome God!