This day and every day is all about Him!

Celebrating Resurrection!

After Jesus was laid in a borrowed tomb, history was made and a prophecy fulfilled.

(Luke 24: 1-53 for reference) On the third day, He was not found in the tomb and indeed, the disciples who had walked with Him for three years, did not recognize Him when He approached, talked to them, or taught all the scriptures that related to Him. It wasn’t until they invited Him to have dinner with them that they recognized Him for who He is, when He blessed the food. But then, He disappeared. They sat among themselves discussing what had just happened. One said, “Didn’t our hearts burn within when He talked with us along the way and when He opened up the scriptures to us?” Later, He told them that they were to preach repentance and the remission of sin to all nations. Soon after giving these instructions, the disciples saw Him carried into heaven. They were went their way, praising and blessing God!

He arose–just like He said He would; He is sitting at the right hand of the Father–just like He said He would. Now the questions are: have we risen from the depths of our sin, repented from them and received forgiveness? Are we preaching repentance and the remission of sin? Do we feel that the grace–the unmerited favor we received was only for us? Are our hearts burning within with the knowledge we have of Him and His love towards us?  Will we go our way, praising and blessing God?

Let us rise to the occasion and become the witnesses that He wanted us to be–let us preach the gospel of Jesus Christ (repentance, forgiveness and love) and stand on God’s Word so that He will celebrate our resurrection when He returns.

Have a joyous Resurrection Sunday Celebration! Hallelujah!


Where Do You Stand?

A number of people have asked me recently what my position is regarding the imminent Supreme Court decision as it pertains to DOMA.

My position is not political; it is spiritual–based upon my knowledge of the Bible and my relationship with God.

God’s truths and what He says is right, never changes.  What man “says” is right, constantly changes.

Where do I stand? I stand on the Word of God, understanding His purpose for mankind and His ability to love us–no matter what!

That’s where I stand. Where do you stand?

Know Your Calling

Before we were born, God knew us and had a plan for our lives, a special calling–a role for us to play. “Before you were formed in your mother’s womb, I knew you.”

We have all been “called” to do something great. However, greatness is relative–dependent upon what it is we have been called to do. For some-the greatness lies within our ability to love others, for others–greatness lies with our determination to be obedient, and yet with others–greatness lies within us the ability to lead and develop great leaders.

Look within yourself–deeply. Know that you have been called to greatness, regardless of how small or how big the act. Greatness is not measured by the act, but by the participant’s willingness to get the job done.

We are all called to do great things, but not all of us are called to do the same things. Know your calling and see the greatness arise within and without.

Trapped–the Play

I am in the process of creating the script for a stage play based on the book–Trapped!  I would love to get your input regarding the scenes that should be presented on stage.

Read the book and let me know.  Book is available on and as either a paperback or ebook.

We’ll be holding auditions soon.  Look for the announcement as soon as we (my creative team and I) approve the script.


The Crucifixion

Crucify whom?

As many of us are reminded of what this day means–Good Friday–we could ask ourselves, why was He crucified?

On the surface, from scriptures, we can hardly make sense of a thronging crowd preferring a thief be set free and choosing Jesus to be crucified. On the surface. Beneath the surface, He was crucified to fulfill scripture and everyone up to that point was just fulfilling their role in history.

On the cross, He took upon Himself–our sin, our diseases, our transgressions (against God) and hung there until He breathed no more. He was taken down, buried in a borrowed tomb, and yet once more, fulfilled prophecy when He resurrected Himself and is now sitting at the right hand of the Father.

One Crucifixion–by one man–was all it took to redeem us (bring us back into right relationship with God), but we yet crucify Him over and over again, when we choose to ignore what He has done for us. So now, who should be crucified?

Remember this day and remember what He has already done and then think about how we should live in praise and gratefulness for His sacrifice; for there is no more sacrifice to be made on our behalf.

We Can Be Sure

There are not many things in life we can be sure of; however there are two–God’s love and the imminent return of Jesus!

It is because He loves us–we have access to heaven.

It is because He loves us–that He will return and escort us to the mansions He has prepared for us!

When?  Soon and very soon, but with Him–one day is as a thousand years and a thousand years as a day!  Soon cannot be measured by man’s timing, but God’s alone.

What do we do while we wait?  Encourage others to believe in Jesus Christ and live accordingly.

We can be sure that promoting the Gospel will please Him and secure our position and mansion in heaven.

Closer Than Close!

We’re getting close!

Whether people believe it or not, we’re getting closer and closer to the Promised Return. I’m not talking about predicting a date; I’m encouraging people to take a look at the times and compare them with scripture.

We have rumors of war.

We have man deciding God’s purposes for mankind were all wrong.

We have parents killing their kids and grandparents killing their grandchildren.

We have children killing their parents and other children.

We have Christians trying to appease the world more than God.

We see satan’s influence running rampant all over the world; but do we recognize it for what it is?

Still don’t think we’re getting close?

What some are calling natural disasters just may not be–natural in origin, but spiritual.

I’m not sure when the end will come, but I know it will come and we’re getting closer all the time. Will you be ready? There won’t be time to pack bags or make a decision when that time comes. In the twinkling of an eye, He’ll be here when the time comes. The decision to allow Jesus into your heart and allow His spirit to lead and guide must be made now!  The Lord knows those who are His and He will save us and He has prepared a place for us!

I renounce all the activities of satan in this earth realm and welcome the return of the Lord Jesus!

The decision has been made and I will live according to His Word in order to be in position to receive His blessings now and my rewards later. Nevertheless, Come quickly Lord Jesus!


What does it mean to “represent” someone else?

I remember years ago when I was much younger (about 50 years ago), when my mother always cautioned us about our behavior. She would say, “Remember who you’re representing!” Funny thing is, she never explained what that meant. It wasn’t until I got older that I understood the significance of that statement.

As a result, I often cautioned my own children about watching their conduct because they were representing me.

How many of us proclaim to wear the label “Christian” and really understand who it is we’re representing?

Are we forgiving or do we hold grudges?

Are we loving or do we turn our backs on the unlovable?

Do we go out of our way to do something nice for others?

Do other people hear us “cuss like sailors” at the drop of a hat?

Are we sneaking in and out of motels with people we didn’t marry?

Are we raising our children to be good representatives of who we are?

When there is an injustice levied against the poor, needy, and vulnerable–do we speak out or keep silent?

I’d rather stand for Jesus representing everything He is than to fall for everything the enemy tosses our way.

Lord Jesus, re-visit our hearts and help us to be more like You and to understand exactly how we should represent who You are!

Venting Works!

Please forgive my venting for a moment. I will get back to my usual encouragement.

Why is it that some folks cannot stand for others to mention “God or faith in Him” and they attempt to go ballistic when we do?

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed?

For people who post absolute garbage (porn, anything sexual), there “appears” to be an infinite following. But for those of us who dare to declare the goodness of the Lord, praise Him, and acknowledge where all blessings come from, our followings are almost microscopic (in comparison) and then some get mad if we say “God” too much in one post and drop us like a bad habit.

Guess what? I do not care whether some people follow me or not. I will continue to lift up the name of Jesus, proclaim the gospel of Jesus of Christ, say “hallelujah” whenever I feel like it and keep saying it and keep saying it and keep saying it. I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and nothing shall separate me from the love of Jesus, not death, nor heights, nor favoritism, nor anything the enemy tosses my way, shall stop the praises on my lips! Hallelujah!

Okay! I feel better now. God bless each and every believer who is not ashamed of Who He is.

He has risen and is alive and well!