Another “Harlem Shake”

Cute video about–If Parents Cared Enough…Johnny and Juaneshia Could Read

Watch What We Say!

In order to accomplish anything worthwhile, we have to watch what we say–about what we do and others.  Words–when spoken aloud–have this uncanny way of becoming a reality.  They can impact negatively or positively depending on how we arrange them in the atmosphere.  I prefer an atmosphere of positiveness, an atmosphere of praise unto God, accepting and receiving all that He has said I can have and do.  I can do all things well that Glorify God.  I can see beyond the surface of people to see God in them.  I can watch what I say in order to have what I say. Are you with me?  Then give all glory to God and reach out receive all of His many blessings!  “I receive all of His bountiful blessings in my life.  I receive healing in my body and mind.  I receive success in all my endeavors that glorify Him.  I thank Him for all who also receive from Him, everything they need and desire!” Hallelujah!