Always Thinking and Writing: The Last Dance

Always Thinking and Writing: The Last Dance.

Our Weapons of Warfare

“The weapons with which we fight are not the weapons of the world, but they are mighty in pulling down strongholds” (2 Corinthians 10:4 -paraphrased).  If we are in the spiritual battle against the enemy of God, we must know how to fight to win.  We must take care of our physical bodies–eating healthy with a purpose to fuel, not fill.  When needful–use the natural vitamin supplements we need to remain energized, keep our immune systems fighting for us, and to just keep going, and going–like the bunny who just won’t quit.  We must rest our bodies for when our bodies are rested, our minds are clear and focused (no stress or depression or negative thinking).  Stay in The Word, meditate on it day and night, take care of the physical body and watch us win!  Hallelujah for the victory over the enemy!