The Last Dance

Sometimes, as we get older we tend to look backwards and reminisce about the things we used to do.


Remembering when we…had our first kiss, our first real jewelry, our first everything and that first dance with the love of our lives. Remembering the place, the song, the mood-we take a quick journey back in time. Sometimes, we get so caught up in the past we forget about the here-and-now which causes problems for our future. Sometimes, we look backwards and begin to have thoughts of regret. Sometimes, in our backward glance, we discover we didn’t really like ourselves at all. And sometimes, we wish we could have changed much sooner than we did. Sometimes.


Sometimes, even when we reach that “golden time” in our lives where some would just give up on dreams, some of us–reach out even further into the future. We look ahead, not behind. We seek to accomplish every dream or goal ever set. We understand better than ever that time is not to be wasted, thinking about things that cannot be changed, but thinking about how we change what we can to make our tomorrow even better. It’s okay to remember the first dance, but it’s better to look forward to the last dance.


Women’s History Month

Women have made phenomenal strides in the history of the United States as well as internationally, but we still have far to go.  Recently, the President renewed the Violence Against Women Act to provide protections against women (and others) who are being physically, mentally, and sexually abused on a daily basis.  The real question to me is why?  Why do we need an act of Congress to protect people from being abused?  Don’t men know they shouldn’t abuse women, children, and the vulnerable?  And why did Republicans hesitate to approve the legislation?  Is it because they are men who abuse and stand the risk of being accused?  Is it that they do not care about those who are being abused?

Apparently, we won’t get the answers from the Congress of “no” but we can move forward as a nation to make sure that mistreatment of women ceases in every arena.  Women are entitled to a fair salary for the same work as men.  Women should be recognized for all of their accomplishments, not just those who tend to make men look good.  I am not advocating women on the front line (I cannot support that one), but there are men who have used the intellect of women to make forward strides in companies and then refused to acknowledge the women’s contributionsmisc and trapped 010.  This has to stop!  Women are human beings and as such, deserve equal magnanimous treatment proffered to men.

Ladies–take a stand–against abuse, misuse, and mistreatment against everyone, everywhere!  And while you’re at it, read a good book and see if you can find yourself or someone you know in it.  Available at,, and books everywhere.  Enjoy the book and excel in life!

Trust God

How do we know who to trust in this day and age?  There are so many people who lack integrity–in the church and outside the church–who will lie, cheat, steal, and manipulate others to achieve their own agenda.  Many people have been hurt by trusting in the wrong people.  Many people have been bankrupted–financially and emotionally–because of the trust they put in people.  “Some trust in horses and carriages, but I will place my complete trust in The Lord.”  Because I know He loves and only wants what is best for me, I have no need to fear–any negative report–economically, medically, or emotionally.  The Lord is my Light and my salvation–in Him and Him only will I trust.  I will trust Him to speak to my heart wisdom and words of encouragement.  I will trust Him to guide me at all times.  I will listen to His still, small voice even in the midst of all the chaos and confusion around me and allow Him to help me see the bright future He has planned for me.  I will trust God to provide everything I need and the desires of my heart!  He is the only One worthy of our complete trust!