Feeling Faint?

Even when we feel like we’re not going to make it–just one more step, one more day–we can.  Getting tired or feeling faint is no excuse to quit or stop.  The fastest runners in the world get tired, but they don’t quit.  The best swimmers get tired, but they don’t quit.  No one who has ever won a gold medal in the Olympics, did so by quitting when they got tired.  What do we do when we feel faint or get tired?  We rest and allow our bodies to refresh themselves, stretch and keep going.  When we get tired mentally or emotionally, we need to renew our minds and allow the Holy Spirit to refresh our thoughts, s t r e t c h out in faith, knowing that if we fall, God’s got us and He will set us back on the right path.  If we faint not, we will see victory! Refresh and renew, Lord!   Hallelujah!


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