Every Day!

Yesterday, we didn’t get a chance to do some of things we had planned or at least thought about doing. Hopefully, the one thing we did do was to thank God for another day.

Today, unless we have the ability to perfectly time everything we need to do and no obstacles get in our way, we’ll probably not do everything we planned, again. Take time to appreciate every day because each day comes with its own challenges, rewards, blessings and new mercies. Even if we don’t get everything accomplished, do what you can and be thankful you could get that done.

Tomorrow, is not promised to any of us. There are no guarantees and life is certainly not fair, but it is what we make it. I choose to look for tomorrow as another day that I can wake up and praise The Lord for His goodness and mercies and in loving me enough to allow me to see another day. That should be our attitude, every day–while we have a chance to lift our voices to give Him praise–every day!


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