What does it mean to “represent” someone else?

I remember years ago when I was much younger (about 50 years ago), when my mother always cautioned us about our behavior. She would say, “Remember who you’re representing!” Funny thing is, she never explained what that meant. It wasn’t until I got older that I understood the significance of that statement.

As a result, I often cautioned my own children about watching their conduct because they were representing me.

How many of us proclaim to wear the label “Christian” and really understand who it is we’re representing?

Are we forgiving or do we hold grudges?

Are we loving or do we turn our backs on the unlovable?

Do we go out of our way to do something nice for others?

Do other people hear us “cuss like sailors” at the drop of a hat?

Are we sneaking in and out of motels with people we didn’t marry?

Are we raising our children to be good representatives of who we are?

When there is an injustice levied against the poor, needy, and vulnerable–do we speak out or keep silent?

I’d rather stand for Jesus representing everything He is than to fall for everything the enemy tosses our way.

Lord Jesus, re-visit our hearts and help us to be more like You and to understand exactly how we should represent who You are!