Closer Than Close!

We’re getting close!

Whether people believe it or not, we’re getting closer and closer to the Promised Return. I’m not talking about predicting a date; I’m encouraging people to take a look at the times and compare them with scripture.

We have rumors of war.

We have man deciding God’s purposes for mankind were all wrong.

We have parents killing their kids and grandparents killing their grandchildren.

We have children killing their parents and other children.

We have Christians trying to appease the world more than God.

We see satan’s influence running rampant all over the world; but do we recognize it for what it is?

Still don’t think we’re getting close?

What some are calling natural disasters just may not be–natural in origin, but spiritual.

I’m not sure when the end will come, but I know it will come and we’re getting closer all the time. Will you be ready? There won’t be time to pack bags or make a decision when that time comes. In the twinkling of an eye, He’ll be here when the time comes. The decision to allow Jesus into your heart and allow His spirit to lead and guide must be made now!  The Lord knows those who are His and He will save us and He has prepared a place for us!

I renounce all the activities of satan in this earth realm and welcome the return of the Lord Jesus!

The decision has been made and I will live according to His Word in order to be in position to receive His blessings now and my rewards later. Nevertheless, Come quickly Lord Jesus!


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