The Crucifixion

Crucify whom?

As many of us are reminded of what this day means–Good Friday–we could ask ourselves, why was He crucified?

On the surface, from scriptures, we can hardly make sense of a thronging crowd preferring a thief be set free and choosing Jesus to be crucified. On the surface. Beneath the surface, He was crucified to fulfill scripture and everyone up to that point was just fulfilling their role in history.

On the cross, He took upon Himself–our sin, our diseases, our transgressions (against God) and hung there until He breathed no more. He was taken down, buried in a borrowed tomb, and yet once more, fulfilled prophecy when He resurrected Himself and is now sitting at the right hand of the Father.

One Crucifixion–by one man–was all it took to redeem us (bring us back into right relationship with God), but we yet crucify Him over and over again, when we choose to ignore what He has done for us. So now, who should be crucified?

Remember this day and remember what He has already done and then think about how we should live in praise and gratefulness for His sacrifice; for there is no more sacrifice to be made on our behalf.


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