Who Do You Believe?

The report of the Lord, in the face of the enemy, (through His Word) declares we are the head, not the tail; we are victorious, not victims; we are above and not beneath; we can do all things through Christ Jesus and do it well to the glory of God; we are healed, whole, and delivered.

The report of the enemy, to spite the Lord, (through the media and others) implies we are doomed, defeated, and downtrodden.

Who do you believe, today?

The Lord God–the same yesterday, today and forever!


The Greatest Discovery

We have all either witnessed or benefited from a great discovery throughout the course of our lives or preceding history.

We have explored and made discoveries in space (outer universe), in the ocean (depths of water), in medicines, and in the use of natural resources and in creating synthetic materials and recyclables.

We have discovered that modern conveniences also lead to other challenges, some that lead to our being a weaker society (laziness) and some that lead to death (destroying the ozone layer and the chemical toxins in the earth and in the water).

We have discovered means and ways to change body parts and even genders.

But the greatest discovery any single human being can make is the knowledge of Jesus Christ–His love and knowing through His love and direction, we can do all things, well.


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His Handiwork!

If we look at the sky and marvel at its height and gradations of color from change to change as the weather transitions, can we not see God’s handiwork?

If we look at the variety of birds–the red-breasted robin, the yellow finch, and all those with vivid hues and watch their flight and gatherings, can we not see God’s handiwork?

If we look at the mountains, snow-capped or barren or laden with foliage, the home of the wildlife and marvel at the ranges, can we not see God’s handiwork?

If we look in the mirror and see the image of God in His creation of mankind and look deep into the souls through eyes that provide us with a view of everything that was created and the beauty inside, can we not see God’s handiwork?

If we can see God’s handiwork in everything around us, why is it that some would choose to deny His existence? For the Word says, for by Him was everything created and without Him, nothing was created.

We are created in the image of God and everything we do should be a reflection of His handiwork–love!

And The Beat Goes On

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Things Will Change When…

With all of the turmoil going on today in the lives of many, I can imagine people saying, “When will things change?”

Our society will get better when we learn to respect ourselves enough to treat people like we want to be treated. When young girls learn to value “their” bodies and respect self, we will see a decrease in the number of unwanted pregnancies; a decrease in poverty for children, and an increase in self-esteem and self-worth. When young boys learn to respect themselves and others; especially females, we will see a decrease in sexual promiscuity, a decrease in fatherless homes, and an increase in male accountability and responsibility towards others. We will also see an increase in self-esteem and self-awareness, greater independence and a decrease in dependence–upon drugs, gangs, and violent activities.

Realistically, things will change when people see a need to change their perspectives and values–for the greater good of all. Theoretically, things will change at some point in time, when people get tired of doing the same thing the same way, expecting different results. Theologically, things will change when people understand God’s purpose and plans for our lives and choose to live accordingly.

Things will change when…we change what we do and say and how we treat others. When all have come to know Jesus and live by the commandments He gives–love God with all our heart, soul, and mind; and love our neighbor as ourselves, things will change.

Every Day!

Yesterday, we didn’t get a chance to do some of things we had planned or at least thought about doing. Hopefully, the one thing we did do was to thank God for another day.

Today, unless we have the ability to perfectly time everything we need to do and no obstacles get in our way, we’ll probably not do everything we planned, again. Take time to appreciate every day because each day comes with its own challenges, rewards, blessings and new mercies. Even if we don’t get everything accomplished, do what you can and be thankful you could get that done.

Tomorrow, is not promised to any of us. There are no guarantees and life is certainly not fair, but it is what we make it. I choose to look for tomorrow as another day that I can wake up and praise The Lord for His goodness and mercies and in loving me enough to allow me to see another day. That should be our attitude, every day–while we have a chance to lift our voices to give Him praise–every day!

It is Worth It

Sometimes, when life gets the best of us, some may feel like giving up–they don’t think that living is worth it, but it is.

If you were not here right now, how would all those who love you feel?

Did you ever make someone’s day, just by smiling?

Did you ever help someone do something, just because?

Do you think your acts of charity have gone unnoticed?

Did you know that someone understands your pain, insecurities, and mistrust and they are always praying for you?

Did you know that if you were no longer on the planet earth, you would be greatly missed by a number of people?

Did you you know you are loved, even if you don’t feel like it?

Life is worth living–even if no one ever says anything kind to you, know you are loved and each and every day, you make a difference in someone’s life!

Father, in the name of Jesus, I pray for all those who have just about given up on life and feel that it is not worth living. I pray they will feel Your arms around them, comforting them. I pray they will hear Your voice, that small voice telling them they are loved and You will make a way out of no way for whatever they are experiencing right now. Touch and heal broken bodies and hearts–help them to feel the mending and healing right now. Touch the heart of someone close to them or a stranger and remind them they are loved and never forgotten. I ask this and all things in Jesus’ name and thank You for hearing and answering prayer. Amen!

Have a wonderful life because it is worth living!

Perfect Timing

What exactly does this phrase mean? Does it have anything to do with the perfect timing of life or is it just a buzz word?


God’s timing is perfect in every area of our lives. He knows from the beginning to the end exactly what we’ll do, how we’ll do it, and the outcome. He also knows when we’ll come to a place in our lives when we realize that this life is not really about us (although He will allow us to think so). It’s really about how many ways we use to bring others into a knowledge of Him. I am so thankful to a number of people for being “available” in my life at a time when I needed them. They were divinely situated to inform, encourage, and inspire my walk with Christ, in the midst of chaos that could have cost me my life. Now that–is perfect timing–God’s timing to see His plans come to pass.

The Lord Knows

You O Lord, who know the hearts of people

You know the depth of our thoughts and our being

You know the ins and outs of everything we have ever done

You know the pain we feel when we cannot help those we love

You know the frustration that sets upon us when we cannot see or understand

The depth of Your love is far beyond anything we can imagine

You know our desires and our hurts

You know when we live for You or against us–

You know when the end will come and how it will come.

You know–when we don’t–just how much we can bear and more importantly,

You know when we’ll reach the end of ourselves and totally depend upon You!

We do not have to know the end of the matter because You do and we can trust in Your knowledge.

The Lord knows what we can handle and what we cannot handle–He is right there with us–holding us up or in His arms when we cannot continue under our own steam.  But because of His love for us, He will set us upright–upon solid ground–and anoint us anew to be courageous no matter what.  We win because The Lord Knows!  Hallelujah!