Tomorrow’s Good

Have you ever had a day in which you didn’t do everything you had planned to do?

Today, was a day like that for me. At first, I felt a little guilty about it, but then when I thought about how my week usually flies by, I realized I don’t often have a chance to “do nothing” any day.

I looked at the things I needed to do and realized nothing was urgent; I could do everything another time. The problem with me is I plan everything. I have deadlines–self-imposed deadlines–but deadlines just the same. When I cannot get things done by my deadlines, I tend to get a little frustrated. Not today. I decided, tomorrow’s good. I can still get everything done before the end of the week, I just have to adjust my time and activities.

So, if you didn’t get everything done today, unless it was urgent, don’t worry about it and don’t feel guilty. Everyone needs to rest their mind, body, and spirit and when tomorrow arrives–it’s all good!

Lord, if you delay your return–it’s all good; if not–that’s even better!


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