Merciful God

God’s mercy endures forever!  What an awesome God!

He doesn’t just show us mercy at the point of need in our lives, but loves us enough to replenish, refill,  restore, or renew His mercy every single day of our lives.  He is “full” of mercy which is why He can be so merciful towards us.

Think of His mercy as a clean slate every morning we wake!  Whatever we did yesterday, when we acknowledge the shortcoming, He forgives and we get a fresh start.  A fresh start–with none of the putrid, nasty, foulness of yesterday lingering in our minds–a new beginning.

That’s God’s mercy!  But don’t take His mercy for granted!  Repentance means we turn from those things that cause us to be a “stench” in His nostrils and allow His goodness to cleanse us!

Thank You Lord for a fresh start every day.  Help us to remember to keep our focus on You so we won’t “stink up” our environment.