The Importance of Study

Everyone has an opinion about the various issues that arise on a daily basis.  Some people even have a foundation for their opinion, but then there are those who just like to talk to hear themselves talking.  They always have something to say–always voicing an opinion–with no basis for saying what they say.  If asked why they think what they think, they can’t explain it.

When it comes to the bible–many people have the same attitude–an opinion with no basis for it.  Paul tells us  through his letter to Timothy to “study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth.”  Let me simplify it.  Don’t just open your mouth, spewing thoughts that you cannot support, trying to impress someone with your intelligence when usually, the only impression they get is of a person who is very ignorant of the facts.  Study–put some time into what you want to discuss.  Define words you don’t know.  Learn to use them in an appropriate context.  Get some background information–know the history of the issue.   Study the Word within the context of a study of history, culture and societal norms within a given era.  Study–to have something worthwhile to say.  Honor God with the words that escape from your mouth, showing Him that you understand what He said and that you can break it down to the simplest form so that even a child could understand it.  Study before speaking.

Help us O God to set aside time to study what You have said so when we speak, we do not dishonor You!


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