Promoted by God’s Favor

When we do what is right and promote doing right, God’s favor embraces us, shields us, and promotes us with others.

Never think that doing the right thing for the right reason is a waste of time.  God in His infinite wisdom knows how to show up and show out on our behalf.  “Be not weary (don’t get tired) of well doing. For in due season (according to God’s time–right on time) we shall reap (amass all that is due us) if we faint not (don’t give up and stop doing right).”  No matter what the temptation is to give in to wrong thinking which leads to wrong actions, hold onto the faith in Jesus, not in man, and God will set us on high for all to see, just how much He loves us and that He pays attention to what we do.  Hallelujah!  Living right and doing right, embraced and promoted by God’s favor!