And The Beat Goes On

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In His Strength

I’ve been very busy lately.

Teaching and writing, and writing and teaching, and taking care of home.

Some nights, I don’t sleep well, but I still have to keep going, and going, and going.

When the body is tired, the mind is confused and the spirit is listless, logic is gone.

But when I feel I cannot go another step, cannot rise from a bent position, and just feel like laying in the floor, ready to give up, I hear the voice of the Lord, “You can do this, just one more day.”

“No, Lord, not today.  I cannot make it one more day.”

“Have faith in me,” The Lord continues.

“I do have faith in You, but I cannot make it.”

“If you have faith in me, you can do all things necessary,” The Lord says.

“But, Lord.  I’m tired.  I’m drained. I’m completely empty.”

“Good!  Now let me fill you with my spirit, “says The Lord. “When you can no longer count on you, you can always lean on me.  In your weakness, I am made strong.  There is nothing too hard for me.  I love you and I will not forsake you.  Now, get up!”

“Lord, I’m so tired.”

“Get up and speak only those things I have spoken to you,” says The Lord.

Slowly, I turn my head and say, “I can do all things necessary.  In my weakness, You are my strength.  There is nothing too hard for You.  I am loved and never alone.”  As I repeat this several times, I feel renewed energy surging through my body and slowly I rise–feeling my spine straighten, hearing my joints squeak as they begin to move, and then I am standing, raising my hands, looking towards heaven and singing praises unto Him who loves me and will never leave me alone.  I am moving once again and just for today, I am re-energized and ready for anything the enemy throws my way.  I am a living testimony and I will proclaim His goodness this day!  Hallelujah!