Increased Family

When the Lord tells us through Paul to “come out from among them and don’t touch the unclean thing,” what does He mean?

There have been some who claim that this means we’re not to associate with unbelievers.  That can’t be true since Jesus was constantly in the presence of those who were not of the same faith.  If we remove ourselves from those who do not believe as we believe, how then shall they be convinced to believe?

After considerable reflection upon those words from Paul to the church at Corinth, I am convinced that we are not to remove ourselves from those who have been caught up in sin or those who do not yet believe in our Risen Savior.  Paul is telling us that when some “fall back into sin” that we should not uphold them in their wrongdoing and do as they do.  We should live a life that shines so brightly that our lifestyles (not our tongues) will convict others and convince them to live a life that is totally pleasing to God. When we do this, then all will be received and “the family” increases and we obtain more brothers and sisters in the Lord.

I do not have a large “biological family” but I see increase, almost daily, in family growth.  I have met a number of “brothers and sisters from another mother” but we are united by the same Father in heaven.  Glory to God!  Increase!  Increase!  Getting to know my new brothers and sisters!  Hallelujah for increased family!


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