We Have It All In Him!

God truly is all we need!

When the storms of life assail us, He is our shelter.  We can run into His arms and know that nothing will be able to separate us from His love or protection.

When the poor are in need of anything, He is our provider–He gives us power (insight, vision, and gifts) to get wealth

When the sick are in need of healing, He is our divine physician (often working through those He has gifted with abilities).

When the hopeless are saddened and depressed, He is our joy!

When we hunger and thirst for righteousness, He fills us to overflowing.

When we think we are all alone, He is our comforter and never leaves us alone.

When we are confused and don’t know what to do, He is our counselor.

When we lack wisdom, He gives it to us, liberally, without making us feel small and foolish.

When we are weak, He is our strength (for in our weakness, He is made strong).

When we feel like we just cannot keep going, He reminds us that we can–do all things through Him!

When we feel like we are defeated, He reminds us that we are more than conquerors–victorious in all things!

What more do we need?  In Him, we have it all–everything we need; without Him, we have absolutely nothing!

Glory to God–Hallelujah for our Risen King, Savior, Mighty Counselor, and everything else we need.