Thinking About His Goodness

When I think about the goodness of Jesus, my soul cries out–Hallelujah!

My depression-buster, distractor-net, my comfort in times of stress is just thinking about–where would I be, without Jesus in my life?

In order to understand why I feel this way, one would have to know what my life was like without Him.

I was lost, sinking fast and deep into a life that could only lead to an early death, but now I float with a magnificent ease through life’s storms, knowing I don’t have to handle anything, just trust in The Lord!

At one time, I didn’t even think I would live to see 50 and now I’m praising God to see 95.   The devil has been defeated and has no control over my thought life.

There was a time when I was blinded to the truth of His Word because I had not had an opportunity to “listen with my eyes” to those who proclaimed the gospel but did not live it.  Now, I proclaim the gospel wherever I go and live it to the glory of God.

I don’t know what the end of my life is going to be, but right now–I know it is certainly better than my past without Him guiding me and I look forward to receiving my crowns when I stand before Him.  Hallelujah!  I know it was the blood that saved a wretch like me! I was once blind, but now I truly see all of the good things He has in store for me and I know, no good thing will He withhold from me or anyone else who loves Him.  Hallelujah to our Risen King!