When to Trust!

When do we trust someone else?

Do we “trust” people we do not know or have never met?

Do we trust people who have lied to us?

Do we trust people who take advantage of us?

Do we trust people who demonstrate that they hate us?

The Word tells us in Ephesians that we learned to trust  in God, after we heard the Truth.  In order for us to know whether something is true or not, we have to know the source of information.  If the source of information is not reliable, most of us won’t trust it.  So what is your source?  There have been many times when people have asked me why I believe in the Bible.  Some have implied that I believe because of being “brainwashed or indoctrinated” by others.  Neither of these is true.  I learned to trust in the Bible because of my relationship with God.  It was He who opened my eyes and revealed His perfect plan for me.  It was He who guided me into reading His Word and “after” I read the Word, He revealed Himself in a greater light, and provided me with understanding and direction.  It was after, I read the Word that I could trust in The Word.

Read The Word.  Develop a relationship with God so He can show you that He is indeed worthy of our never-ending trust.

If we don’t trust Him, we won’t obey Him.  If we don’t obey, we will not be in position to be blessed by Him. I am blessed and highly favored because of my trust in Him and my obedience to Him.  What an awesome God! Hallelujah!