Miscellaneous Fun Stuff

First of all, Thank you for any followers who made it possible for my first self-loaded eBook to be ranked #1 in Devotionals for the 5 day free book promotion.  Total downloads, 316.  My prayer now is that every person who downloaded a free book, will tell 2 friends and they’ll tell 2 friends…and they will buy the book for $1.99. I am cvr

Secondly, thank you for supporting my blog posts with your interest.  I really do appreciate and write to encourage and hopefully inspire all.

By way of announcement, I am in the process of writing individual books for each character in Trapped and they will be available soon. The Session–Chapter 11 in Trapped is being presented as a play on June 15, 2013 @ 4:00 p.m. in Detroit.  A panel discussion–regarding women’s issues–will proceed after the presentation with professionals and information for women in need of support or assistance.

Last, but not least–let’s change the way we look at each day we wake.  How many positive adjectives can you think of to describe each day of the week?  Here are my thoughts:

Supernatural Sunday

Marvelous Monday

Terrific Tuesday

Wonderful Wednesday

Transformative Thursday

Faithful Friday

Super Saturday

Positive affirmations at the beginning of every day, will make a difference in our attitude and in how we approach life’s daily challenges.

Have a wonderfully blessed day, this day!


Psalm 23:1

“The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want!”

            What is the role of a shepherd?  A good shepherd makes sure they know where to lead the sheep so they will be able to eat and be nourished and be safe.  A good shepherd is watchful, always alert to situations that would endanger their flock. A good shepherd knows his flock—every one of them and knows when one is missing in action or is hurting or disheartened.  A good shepherd provides for the flock that they are leading; not expecting the flock to provide for them.  A good shepherd stands guard to ward off the enemy from attacking their flock.

A shepherd’s role is not always a glorious one.  The shepherd usually ends up smelling like the sheep dung the flock leaves behind.  A shepherd must sometimes put themselves in dangerous situation in order to protect the flock or to rescue them.  A shepherd is not always considered a role of value, but of necessity.

The leaders of the church today are supposed to be good shepherds.  They are supposed to care for the flock, not fleece the flock (not withstanding a good shepherd in this role should be compensated for their leadership and care of the flock). They are supposed to “feed” the sheep good food based on The Word (not junk food-based on current events or trends).  They are supposed to be mindful of dangers that will entrap their flock.  They are supposed to know the enemy’s influence when they see it and eradicate it. They are supposed to love their flock enough to know each one and care about what happens to them.

What kind of shepherd are you?  What type of shepherd are you following?

I know the Good Shepherd, who will provide everything we need and we will not lack anything we need.  I know the Good Shepherd who warns us of dangerous situations and makes sure we know that we are never alone. Do you know Him? Get to know the Good Shepherd and watch Him work in your life!  Hallelujah for our Risen Savior!