Counting on Friends

In the middle of events–whatever they are:  good times, bad times, etc.  we need to know who we can count on–who has our backs!

From the time we’re in school–elementary and beyond–there are people who move in and out of our lives.  Some we develop such an affinity with they become lifelong friends and others–they are acquaintances, affiliates, associates, that are only in our lives for a season.  Some are only in our lives for what they think they can get from us–the moochers, the leeches–you may know some of these.  They don’t hang around long and they only want you to be there for them; they are seldom there for you.

The friends–the loyal persons who are there through disagreements, happy and sad times–the ones you can count on and they can count on you–they are there for the duration and no matter how far away they may be–they still have your back.  Most of us only have a few people like this in our lives or at most a handful because true friends–are hard to find and certainly hard to keep.

There is One–who has our backs no matter what we do, how far we stray or how long we stay away–He’s our Friend we can always count on.  The question becomes then, can He count on us to do what He has asked us to do?  Can He count on us to live the way He wants us to live?  Can He count on us to represent Him in such a great way that all we meet, will also meet Him?  Do we really have His back in what we do?

The Word tells us that in order to have friends, we must “show ourselves to be friendly”.  That does not mean that we become like others, but that others should so like what they see in us that they become like us.  Can He count on you to promote the Gospel and truly represent Him?