Joy in the Morning

Life is full of hardships, tragedies, and unexpected twists that bring many people to their knees–leaving them destitute and hopeless.

There is nothing we can do to stop “life” from happening, but we can adjust our responses to those events.  As hard as it may be, we must keep moving forward while we have the opportunity to do so.

When a loved one is hurt in a tragic event–cry, scream, repent and move on. Even though your heart feels like it has been ripped from your chest, given time the tears will mend and you can still rejoice.

When the death of someone you love comes upon them–suddenly–don’t despair even though you may wish it were you–cry, scream, repent and move on.

While you’re watching a loved one’s mind slowly deteriorate–don’t despair–remember the good times, try to help them remember, and even if they don’t–smile, hug them, pray for them, love them, and keep it moving!

If we don’t keep moving when the enemy strikes at our hearts, we allow him the pleasure of knowing how to stop God’s divine plan for our lives and those we could positively impact.  Grieve through the darkness, cry in the storm, repent in the aftermath and when the dawn of morning comes, rejoice in the Lord and know that He has it all in His control!  Hallelujah!