Let the Gifts Flow!

“In due season, He gives us all our meat” (Psalm 145:15).

God has given us all gifts–natural gifts as well as spiritual gifts–for us to use to His glory.  When we do not exercise our gifts and hone them to perfection (or at least as close we can get to perfection), those gifts become atrophied, until we recognize their lack of power in our lives.  We must exercise our gifts, our faith, and our bodies.

Think of it this way.  When our muscles rebel from the strain of inactivity when we attempt to use them, it hurts.

When our faith is lacking and we attempt to use it (on big things, but not the little ones), we’re often disappointed with the results.

When we do not recognize our gifts and do not use them, we become bitter and envious of those who do.

Today is Marvelous Monday, tap into your gifts and begin to exercise them and fine tune them so you can use them–“He gives us power to get wealth”–that power lies in our ability to use our gifts, right now.  If we delay, our season is delayed and we have no one to fault, but us.

Exercise your gifts today; encourage someone else to tap into their gift, rejoice with them when the gifts are flowing because we all win–due season–falls upon everyone who is willing to recognize, exercise, refine and do–all that He has poured in us to do.  It is due season, our time right now!  Hallelujah!


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