Covenant and Commandments

“The Lord–our God–is God and keeps covenant with them who love Him and has mercy upon them who keep His commandments to a thousand generations” (Deuteronomy 7:9 paraphrased).

Keeping covenant–keeping His Word or His promises toward us.  The amazing thing about keeping covenant is a covenant is between two–not one.  So in order for God to keep covenant with us, we must be in agreement to the terms established.  There’s a lot to be said about keeping covenants, but this is not the place to dwell on the various contracts–covenants–that mere human beings often break.  There is one area that we flawed beings should be able to keep the terms–loving Him and keeping His commandment of love towards others.

Jesus said, the greatest commandments are these–Love the Lord with all your heart soul and mind and love your neighbor as yourself.  We need to keep these commandments to a thousand generations and if we do, we will have peace in the land. How do we know?

If we love God we can be assured of His hearing our prayers and answering them, providing for us and making ways out of no way to make sure all His promises towards us are kept.

If we love our neighbor (all those around us) as we love self, there would be no need for wars, domestic violence, crimes against one another or  humanity.

This is so simple–in fact–maybe it is the simplicity that keeps us from honoring these two commandments.  Maybe we complicate things to the point where we make it difficult to keep these two very simple commandments.

Stay in His Word and remember His covenant towards us.  Keep His commandments and watch the world around us change for the better!

Learn to love–self, God, and others!