We’ve Got The Victory!

We’ve got the victory, hallelujah!  We’ve got the victory, hallelujah!

The phrases of a song mean so much more than a song in our lives today.  I’m not just talking about “us” as individuals, but more specifically, my husband and I.

For the past 10 weeks, when we were told that my husband had prostrate cancer, we have been in the battle–against depression, anger, and self-pity and the physical strain and stress of radiation treatments.  Like most human beings–his reaction was fear–the word cancer–has a tendency to ignite fear in the most devout believers.  I had watched my mother succumb to the disease and she died and 58 years old.  I was not about to lose my husband.  After the initial shock he looked as if he wanted to have a pity-party and I told him right then and there–if he tried, I’d put my size 10 up his hind parts.  We were going to fight this battle with the faith and understanding that every name is “beneath” the name of Jesus!  Not only did we pray in faith, we continued to “live” in faith.  Nothing changed!  We did exactly what we always did with the addition of his getting radiation treatments.  Even though I knew he was suffering, I said nothing, but thanked God for the victory each time he left out the door. Yesterday, 5/3/13, was the last treatment and we can shout–WE’VE GOT THE VICTORY!

The battle is The Lord’s, and we win every time we allow Him to do what must be done. No weapon–not cancer, not depression, not self-pity, not physical struggle, not fear, not doubt, nor financial loss, or anything else the enemy tosses our way–formed against us shall by any means prosper!  Hallelujah for the victory in Jesus!