Reading–Adventures in the Making

Reading is a great joy to me and has been since I was kid, reading my first “Golden Book” series.  What an adventure!

What’s really sad to see is the adventure of reading being lost to video games and all things electronic–that do nothing to enhance reading experiences.  That is not to say that everything electronic is bad–there is a great deal of good in electronics when used for the purpose of exploration.

I have explored the historical backgrounds of people, places, and events in the Bible with the use of technology.  I have written a number of stories, using technology to share them.  I love my Kindle–old eyes sometimes need a larger font to read with ease.  And I also love the Bible IS app on my phone.

So why is the adventure of reading becoming lost–especially to our children? Children do what they see their parents or other adults in their lives do–if they see influential adults in their lives reading, they will read.  Now is the time to think about how to get children to read, read, and read.  The more they read, the better they become at it and will reap the rewards in school until they finish college.  Reading–is more than fundamental or foundational; it is an adventure–opening pathways of knowledge or travel–and one never has to leave the comforts of home (or library) to make the discovery.  Let’s jump into a book and begin the adventures anew!

Make the experience of reading worthwhile–become a character–and shake things up a bit while you’re reading!