Step Back

When the solution to a problem eludes you, step back–you’re too close to the problem–and see the big picture.

Have you ever had to step back from something because you were too close to it to see what needed to be seen?

Sometimes in life, we are too close–to people or problems–to see them with clarity.  However, when we step back or away from them or it, we tend to see things clearly and can get a better handle on what needs to be done.

Imagine for a moment, if you will, this scenario with God as He has just finished His Creation–man.  He stood back and looked upon all He had created–and being able to see down through all the generations of mankind–all the stuff that we would do (the wars, the hatred, the violence, infidelity, disobedience, and rebellion) and said, “It is good.”  How could He say it is good, knowing what we would do?  When He stepped back, He saw the bigger picture–He saw Himself coming down to earth to reconcile man back to Him.  He saw that some of us would be so grateful for His love that we would share the Gospel, willingly.  He saw millions of people turning their lives around from sin to righteousness and encouraging others to develop a relationship with Him.  He saw it all–the solution–and said, “it is good.”

So, if you’re too close to a problem to see your way out clearly, step back, see the big picture and the solution and say, “it’s all good.”


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