Hope For The Lost!

Holding out hope for the lost can be time consuming and frustrating, but worth it when rescue occurs.

Unless we have had our heads buried in places that have kept us from hearing or seeing recent events unfold in the news, we have to understand the joy of the families who have just had returned to them, those who they thought were lost.  Three women–physically rescued–from their captor who had been thought dead after a decade of losing hope, are now free to enjoy life as God intended.

Do we dare hold onto the hope some of us have for the “spiritually lost” that no matter have long they have been lost, there is hope for a rescue?

Until the end comes for them in the natural state of death or Jesus returns–we must continue to hold onto hope–for a rescue for lost loved ones who are being held captive by the enemy of their souls. There is someone out there who is willing to go the extra mile to secure rescue–is it you?  We can rescue the lost–spiritually–by our conduct and love towards those who need to know and understand God’s love for them.  Our lifestyle should be witness to them, our hope a life-line, and our faith the door to which Jesus can enter in and rescue their souls.

There are many who are lost–either physically or spiritually–and we can rejoice in their rescue–either physically or spiritually–as the angels in heaven rejoice over every soul who is rescued from the fiery pits of the enemy’s domain–free to enjoy life as God intended.  Rejoice and never lose sight of hope!