“For This Reason” Part 1

“For this very reason, make every effort to add to your faith goodness; and to goodness, knowledge;” 2 Peter 1:5 (NIV).

If we look at the very first part of this verse of scripture, “for this very reason,” we’d have to ask ourselves (if we didn’t already know), what reason?

The reason or the how we get into position is to receive His precious promises in our lives–this is why Peter lists the virtues we should develop and increase in them.  The first two–adding goodness to faith (assuming we have received the…measure of faith given to all) and adding knowledge to goodness.  Notice how he says, “make every effort”–he does not say these things are automatically given or poured onto us.  We have to do something–and sometimes it is an effort to be good–with all the temptations that face us on a daily basis–but we must make the effort.  Do we fall short sometimes?  Probably. Then we have to make the effort–keep trying to get there and once there–make the effort to stay there.

When we see that we can be good–we need to obtain knowledge (through The Word) in order to stay good.  The knowledge we need comes through The Word, and our relationship with God in daily communication with Him.  Our relationship with Him is far more important than our affiliation with any religious entity because all of those entities espouse differing views, but none have the key to heaven or hell.  It is our relationship with God (or the lack of one) that determines which key “we” hold.

So, for just a moment, today–think about making every effort to be good–do something good for someone else and to encourage yourself in the Lord through The Word–while gaining knowledge to maintain your position with Him, in order to receive the promises.