Who is Despised?

When I read scripture; especially Old Testament passages, I see when God has deliberately considered some people to be despicable.  How do I know?

Whenever those who “followed” God were told to kill off entire tribes or nations–He did so because He despised (hated) what those tribes or nations were doing.  He hated their idolatry (their worship of things more than Him); He hated their sacrifices to their man-made gods; He hated their promiscuous behavior (of a sexual nature, with whomever they pleased); and more than anything else, He hated their ability to influence those whom He had chosen to call His own (which is why He wanted them dead).

I am not advocating the demise of anyone; especially because of hatred.  What I am promoting and encouraging is for all to take a second look–removing the veils of bias–at what is occurring in our society today.  Are we yet doing some of the same things that God hates?  Are we yet influencing people to do what God has told us specifically not to do?  Are we setting ourselves up to be despised?  If so, who are you more concerned with-God despising us or man?

I have often been accused of many things–being intolerant and a number of other things simply because I attempt to live a Christian Life as God defines it; not man.  Looking at what is constantly confronting those of who do believe what God says and make every attempt to do Life as He wants us to do it, I see that Christians (true Christians) are more despised by man.  Who would you rather have despising you?

I’ve made a decision and I’m not concerned whether people like it or not.  Man/woman can despise me for what I believe until the day they drop off the face of the earth.  I will proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and all that entails to the glory of God and I will not incur the wrath of God by condoning what people do–trying to be politically correct.  I’d rather be Godly righteous than politically correct any day of the week and for those who have a problem with it–the problem is theirs and theirs alone.  My mind is made up!  I will not be despised by God in order to “get along” with man.  Hallelujah for all who are willing to stand on the Lord’s side!