The Childrens Bible in a Nutshell- Judas Asparagus – Bible Humor

Too funny! From the eyes of a child!

Darrell Creswell - A Study of Christian Grace

heaven children matthew 19:14The following is supposedly written by a child. After reading it I am of the opinion it was written by an adult but it is entertaining nevertheless. I hope it puts a smile on your face. 🙂 It was sent to me by a friend and the author is unknown.

A child was asked to write a book report on the entire Bible. This is amazing and should bring tears of laughter to your eyes. Here is what was written:

In the beginning, which occurred near the start, there wasnothing but God, darkness, and some gas. The Bible says,’The Lord thy God is one,’ but I think He must be a lot older than that.

Anyway, God said, ‘Give me a light!’ and someone did.
Then God made the world.


He split the Adam and made Eve. Adam and Eve were naked, but they weren’t embarrassed because mirrors hadn’t…

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