Under Construction!

“We are His workmanship.”

When we accept Jesus Christ as our personal Savior, we are recreated (spiritually), shaped and molded by God to do good works and to do them well, all to His glory.  He “works” on us continually, guiding us, correcting us, and loving us–no matter what–so that we can be the light–the beacon of hope–for the rest of the world.  His work in us and through us is continuous–we are always under construction–until we die.

If you think you have arrived–look closely–you just may see some parts of you have not been constructed yet.  Can you love unconditionally?  Can you forgive relentlessly?  Can you see the needs of others and address them?  Do you promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ wherever you go and whenever the opportunity arises?  Do you trust God for all you need?  Do you have faith in His word to accomplish all that He puts on your heart to do?  If we cannot answer honestly, all of these questions (and more) with a “yes” we are yet under construction!

None of us are perfect–we were not intended to be, but we are to strive for perfection–God’s way, not ours.  So get your sign back out–“Project Not Complete–Still Under Construction!”  Don’t feel bad about it–you have lots of company.  In fact, if the signs were physically manifested in our lives–we wouldn’t be able to see one another for the signs.

Have a wonderful day–enjoying the construction of the new creation in Christ!


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