Rewarded For Works!

“…then He shall reward every man according to his works” (Matthew 16:27).

Imagine that!  We will be rewarded–everyone of us–according to the works we have done.

When I was a child, I was rewarded for good grades, behaving in school, and doing my chores, without being reminded.

As a teenager, I was rewarded for doing things in school with the clubs to which I belonged, getting good grades, and still doing my chores (more of them) without being reminded.

As a college student, I was rewarded with recognitions and being on the Dean’s list, for doing my work and without being reminded.

As a young adult, I was rewarded with raises and promotions on jobs for doing what I was supposed to do (punctuality, integrity, and dedication), without being reminded, five days a week.

As a teacher, I was rewarded with–the satisfaction of seeing some of my students excelling and in knowing I was doing a job well (the rest of the students–almost 75% of them in public school–well, that’s another story for another time–found in If Parents Cared Enough…Johnny and Juaneshia Could Read, available on

As a writer, I am rewarded for writing a  good book–content with substance and for the most part–well-written, whenever people buy my books.

As a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I am rewarded every time someone gives their life to Christ and understands how much He loves them through my conduct and conversation with them.

As a child of the most High God, I have endeavored to do good works in promoting the Gospel and living according to His Word to the very best of my ability, always trusting Him, and expecting Him to guide, correct, love and forgive my shortcomings.

I am looking forward to the reward He has for me, according to the works I have done–“Well done my good and faithful servant!”

What is your reward going to be?


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