Fight Back!

Has life beaten you up lately?

When everything we attempt to do appears to be futile and nothing seems to work, we often tend to feel like we have beaten up and left to lick our wounds.

If you have ever been in a physical fight–you might understand this reference.  Usually, especially when I was a younger child, if a there was any type of conflict between two people, others gathered to instigate until someone threw the first punch.  If that punch landed on target, there was usually some pain felt and that pain ignited reaction.  That reaction led to other punches until someone stopped the fight or both parties were exhausted.  Sometimes a winner was declared and sometimes, it was a draw–no clear victor.

Life is a fight and sometimes–there are no clear victors–but we can remain victorious to fight another day.  How?  Fight the obstacles of life the same way you would fight in a physical confrontation.  I don’t mean go beat people up, but you when feel the pain of the first hit–fight back–react in such a way that whatever the problem is–let “it” know–you’re in it to win it–if not today, you will be back and you’ll keep fighting the good fight of faith until you see victory over all the challenges that attempted to beat you up! So what if the first punch knocked you down–get up, get up!  Take your fighting stance, look your opponent in the face and “strike back” anticipating another reaction, but ready to block it!

Nothing in life is fair and if we think it should be, we are setting ourselves up for failure.  Life is–however–what we make it–it is our choice.  Are you going to climb over, go through, go around or merely sit and dwell on the misery when challenges arise in your life?  Fight back!  It may not be easy, but it is possible, for with Christ–we can do all things, well!