Being His Treasure!

Have you ever been on a treasure hunt?

Usually, when “hunting” for treasure, one must have an idea as to what the treasure is, its worth or value and a direction in which to find it.  Some people have used treasure hunts to enhance parties for children and adults as part of the entertainment.  Some people seek treasures as a life-time career–using maps with mysterious symbols and meanings to locate the sought item.  When we seek treasures, we have to actively look for it.  But God has chosen us and declared us treasured possessions if we hear His voice and obey (Exodus 19:5).  Notice He didn’t look for us–He chose us–when we hear and obey.

When we hear His voice (through The Word or a messenger) and obey what He has said to do–He considers us greatly valued and cherishes us.  He attaches worth and value to us–not man and certainly not us.

What do we treasure?  Do we treasure His love, mercy, and grace?  Are they valuable enough for us to cherish and treat with great care? The Word also tells us that where our heart is, we will find our treasure.  Do we have a heart to hear God and obey Him today?

I have always treasured my children by taking care of them and valuing them as individuals, leading and guiding them to do what is right no matter what the circumstances in which they find themselves.  I would hope they treasure my love for them and not take it for granted.

When I think about my love for my children, I understand God’s love for me and pray I never take His love for granted.  After all, I am His treasure and I know He cherishes me and I want to retain my position with Him.

Are you one of His treasured possessions?  If not, hear and obey Him.  If so, shout Hallelujah for being of great worth to Him!