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Where can you find good books to read under $5.00?  Why of course.  Check these out and if you read (mine or others), please review on Amazon. We really want to know your thoughts; especially if they include how we can improve our production of literature.

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Why Do We Practice?

A refuge/safe haven from all that is wicked can be found in the Lord.

In schools, we practice what to do to keep people safe from harm.  We have fire drills, storm drills and lock-down procedures that must be conducted–for most schools–10 times in a school year.

We have storm alerts set up throughout communities and encourage people to have drills at home as a safety measure.

We practice these things so when the storm is upon us, we’ll know exactly what to do.

When do we practice running into the arms of the Lord to protect us from all the wickedness that surrounds us?

What I see–we practice embracing wickedness–involving ourselves in all manner of darkness, influenced by the enemy and when the attacks come–we don’t know what to do. We have allowed the darkness to envelop us and when the enemy comes to seal the deal–there is no escape.

Life does not have to be this way!  We are warned repeatedly–throughout God’s Word–of the wickedness, the deception, the infiltrators, and counterfeiters (disguised as  ministering angels).  We simply choose not to stay in the Word or live as God has designed us to do.  We choose to live in darkness.  God’s choice–“I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans for you to have a future with hope” (Jeremiah 29:11). Do we have a future with hope?

Depression and oppression are signals that people have lost hope.  Suicide is the result of those who have lost hope.  Did they practice avoiding the traps of the enemy or did they embrace his tactics–all of the negative devices he uses to get us off track?

In spite of all the enemy has done and will do–there is hope–there is a light that can outshine and overcome the darkness that invades the minds of those who need more practice.  Read The Word–daily.  Meditate on the Word daily.  Live life according to the Word and watch your light shine in the dark places and lead others to the safe haven in Jesus!