What Is A Good Gift?

A good gift is appreciated.

A good gift is beneficial to the recipient.

A good gift demonstrates thoughtfulness of the part of the giver.

A good gift never loses its value.

A good gift leads to smiles, not frowns.

Our heavenly Father “gives” us good gifts–spiritual gifts and natural gifts that should be appreciated, are beneficial to us, demonstrates His thoughtfulness towards us, never loses its value, and always causes to smile. Those are the kinds of gifts He gives.

Have you given a good gift lately?

Sometimes, we think the gifts we give or receive are really good gifts, but then sometimes, we “regift” when we really didn’t know what to do with the gift.

Perhaps, we should look to the Father for our example in knowing what a good gift is and proceed accordingly.

Appreciate the gifts given by the Father for they cannot be “regifted” and they are given so others, not just us, can benefit from them. Use your gifts to the glory of God and watch how He works on your behalf.