“Preach, Preacher!”

Excerpt from newest book:  “Preach, Preacher!”

True believers understand a couple of things about the Bible. One—we understand how to distinguish meaning by knowing who was talking, to what they were referring, and what was going on at the time they said what they said. Two—we know that God is not a man that He should lie, but we also understand that He used (inspired flawed men) to write what we consider to be—His Word (notice how the choice between “Word” and not Words is used). Three—we know—that if we lined up scripture—line-upon-line, precept (principle) upon precept that there is no way we can legitimately refute God’s purpose in and through His Word. Notice that the beginning of this paragraph started with, what? True believers. Those of us who know the truth cannot be easily swayed by those who counterfeit truth for their purposes. Who are the counterfeits? Anyone not saying what God says, within the context of God saying it, and by their words—leading people away from The Word and God’s love! Know any of these people? Let’s find out!


In this book, I explore the who’s who of some televangelists and what some have done to discredit them, discuss how to determine who to listen to in churches, and list who I enjoy in The Word. Available, later this week. You might be surprised with the list of people mentioned by name.