From Father to Daughters

June 2013

My Darling Daughters,

I have watched you for some time now and my heart grieves for you.  I know it’s not your fault and I know that you have done the best you can, with the life you’ve had.  All of the tragedies you suffered were not part of my plan for you.  My plans for you, were to bring you hope, a bright future, and all the joy and happiness you could handle.

What I have seen is men abusing and using you, making you feel worthless, when you are worthy of love—unconditionally.  Your body—my creation and gift to you—was meant to be cherished, not exploited by the media, fantasies of sick men and even sicker women.  Your body was meant to be beautified and appreciated by all who looked upon you, not detested and scorned.  I have dressed you with a beauty that cannot be found in a tube or a bottle, so why do you feel the need to expose all the parts of you meant to be seen by the wonderful man I had predestined to be yours?

My heart aches for all the pain you have endured at the hands of those who could not possibly know how much destruction they caused when they influenced you to thinking that you are just body parts, not part of a body that was meant to loved.  My heart is heavy every time I see men leer and lust after you when all I wanted was for men to see your beautiful spirit, not your partially clad skin.

Sometimes, I wish I could close my eyes and not see how you have been convinced that your body—my wonderfully, unique creation—is meant to be used as an instrument of torture when men and women stick all manner of objects in you and abuse you for their wicked pleasure.  I cannot bear to see your mouth, meant to praise me, used for the act solely meant for the purpose of procreation.  I cannot bear the pain I know you feel when men prod the parts of you meant to be used as a means of exit, not entrance.  I cannot bear the pain I see in your eyes, when your expectations of finding love are lost in the illusion of sexploits, in the pages of books, on the screens of television and movies, and in the music where you are constantly denigrated by those who have no clue as to how to love you.

Remember this, my darling daughters. I love you and would never use or abuse you because I Am Love and can do nothing else.  Learn to love yourself, as I love you, and watch all the wonderful things I had planned for you, come to pass.

Your Loving,

Heavenly Father


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