Deceptive Storms!

storm cvrThis is the cover of my new book–Deceptive Storms.  In life, we face all types of storms–emotional as well as natural.  D’Cerner and Cal (from My Father’s Gift) have embarked on a new ministry in a new location and as can be expected, have to learn to weather all types of storms.  Through all the storms–losses and revelations–they maintain their trust in God.  Book will be available within the next two weeks.  Working hard to revise and edit now!  Book Trailer available next week!  Hope you will enjoy!

By the way, I really welcome your comments about the cover. Yea or Nay and why if you’d like to include.


Father to Sons

June 2013

Dear Sons of Valor,

As I watch your every move, I’m saddened by what I see—the Creation, the image of me—no longer recognizable because of all you wanted to be.

I gave you power to get wealth and you instead chose greed because of your need.

I gave you sons and daughters to be your pride and joy and yet you abused and misused them all, the girls and the boys.

I gave you dominion over all the earth, took it back, and yet reconciled our relationship, but you decided to revile it by ignoring my warnings through all my messengers.

I gave you chance after chance to get it right and take your rightful place in your home and you abandoned that which was given and left them alone.

I gave you opportunities to reach out and build and yet you chose to tear down those walls and tried to rebuild on your own foundation and not that of my Son’s.

I watch you slither and creep among those who wish you nothing but ill-will and I try to speak to your heart, but you tune me out, still.

I watch as you allow your daughters to never understand what a right relationship should be with a man.

I watch your sons go through life angry and hurt because you were not there, your manhood to assert what a real man does.

Time is running out for you to understand, I created you to be the head, not behind, and I need you to be the man, the strong foundation on which family is built to last, providing direction and counsel for all in your home that will last and to do all things with honor and integrity so your children will see what life is meant to be.

Look unto me, if you’re not sure what to do.  My love is unfailing towards you at all times and I am here, just call on me for direction and inspiration and stay in My Word and watch me fulfill all that I promised to you as the man, the head, the priest of his home, walking more like Me, every day!

Your Loving,

Heavenly Father

Creating A New Heart!

“…Today if you hear His voice (the Holy Spirit), do not harden your hearts as you once did in rebellion…”

There have been some people who question whether God is speaking to people today. There is no need to wonder; of course He is speaking to people today–through the Holy Spirit. He said in His Word through John that the “Holy Spirit would remind us of all we have been taught and show us things to come.” It is the Holy Spirit who quickens us or corrects us when we are headed in the wrong direction. It is the Holy Spirit who inspires us to do those things to bring others into a right relationship with God. It is the Holy Spirit who speaks to our hearts and gives us new songs, new ways to encourage others and to praise God. It is the Holy Spirit who gives us insight and allows us to prophesy according to the dictates of God (not self). Yes, God is still speaking, but many do not hear Him because they have hardened their hearts.

When we decide that sin is no longer sin, we have hardened our hearts.

When we decide that we are the masters of our fate and future, we have hardened our hearts.

When we decide to support and encourage the demolition of faith in God, we have hardened our hearts.

Hear the Holy Spirit today. Allow Him to create a new heart within you and receive all that God has in store for you. Hear Him today!