Angels Watching!

“For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.”

Have you ever wondered why the worst that could have happened to you, didn’t?

I have experienced events in my life in which I should have been dead, on more than one occasion, but I’m still here. I believe I was kept safe from harm because my angels are alert and always watchful. When we listen to the Holy Spirit we can avoid certain disasters, but sometimes, we either do not hear Him and then our angels strut their stuff and stretch themselves to keep us safe.

And since I know from Paul’s explanation to the church at Corinth that we shall judge our angels, right now–mine get an A+. They have kept me from buying harmful food, sheltered me through hurricanes in Houston, protected me in car accidents (two in which should have been dead), and stood up against stupidity exercised by foolish people (it’s what happens when you live in neighborhoods where the foolish reside). They have even protected me from me (we don’t always act wisely in life). How are your angels doing?

Lord, keep our assigned angels alert and constantly watchful, and help us to hear and heed Your voice to avoid all snares the devil has set for us.


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