Cracker Jacks and Oranges: My Kids Have the Best Dad!!!

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I suppose I am prejudiced, because I picked him, but Raymond is a wonderful dad!  I am sure when we dated and eventually married sooooooo many years ago, he didn’t have a clue about the roller coaster ride we were in for.  Sweet little marriage with 2.5 kids, growing old together, holding hands and walking on the beach….forget that!  As the parent or foster parent to 19 children, we have spent our marriage trying to have a positive, loving impact on the the children who have passed through or are in our lives.  I am the flakier, impulsive, eternally optimist slob.  He is the more grounded parent, making sure we have enough money to pay the bills, the house is somewhat clean, and the meals are on the table.  He is like a big kid himself with the children…enjoying playing with them and gently bopping them on their beans when…

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Happy Father’s Day!

I pray for every man who is a father after God’s own heart and especially for those are not.

There’s more to being a father than being part of the process of making a baby.  Fathers provide for their children and spend quality time with them, teaching them how to do things well, and guiding them in the right direction.  Fathers after God’s own heart, live the life of a father by patterning themselves after the greatest example of a Father.

Father, in the name of Jesus, I ask that You bless all the men who are living with a relationship with You, and treating their children the way You treat us–with love in all things, guiding, teaching, and correcting when needed. We give You praise for You are the only One worthy of it.   Speak to the hearts of those who don’t have a relationship with You and turn their hearts towards You so they will hear You.  Bless this nation and continually speak to the heart our president as he strives to do what is best for every American.  Speak to hearts of all those who oppose him and guide them into a right relationship with You so that none in this country suffers needlessly.  In Jesus’ name I thank You for it all being done!  Amen!