Book Trailer for Deceptive Storms

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Deceptive Storms “Live”

Deceptive Storms is now available on  If you enjoyed the excerpts, you’ll love the book.storm cvr


Can’t Nobody Do You Like Jesus

Forgetting the obvious grammatical inaccuracy, never a truer statement was ever made.

When we get right down to it, there is absolutely no one who can do for us, through us and to us like Jesus!  Hallelujah!

Forget about all those who profess to be your friends–when the going gets tough–they leave you abandoned, wondering what happened.  Not Jesus!

Even family members jump ship at the slightest roil in a situation–they cannot handle the turbulent waters and they choose the life boats because of a lack of faith–in you and your relationship.  Not Jesus!

When we feel all alone, isolated, miserable and devastated–we can count on Jesus to remind us–we are never alone, never unloved, and we always on His mind!

When we need direction and wise counsel–don’t count on people who are just as flawed as you are–take it to The Lord and let Him work it out on your behalf.

Looking at everything that could happen and knowing that we can only trust in the Lord–yeah, can’t nobody do us like Jesus!