Not by Works!

“For by grace (the free gift of God) are we saved, not of works so no man can boast” (Ephesians 2:8,9 paraphrased).

No matter what people may say, we cannot “earn” our way into heaven by doing good works; however, our good works are an indicator that we are “saved” and of our faith in that salvation (the work of Jesus).

We are not saved because we follow the rules established by man, but by obedience in God’s Word–love Him and love others.

Contrary to popular belief (in some settings), baptism does not “save” us. It is good to be baptized, but some folks have gone into the water a dry devil and come up a wet one.

Speaking in tongues doesn’t save us (although it is good to exercise our prayer language when we are filled with the Holy Spirit); the demons know how to mock us in speaking in tongues and do all manner of evil–perpetrating as a Christian.

No, we are saved because of God’s love for us–no other reason–when we accept the sacrifice of His Son–His death, burial, and resurrection. We cannot earn His favor, but we can accept it and live like we love Him. Hallelujah!